Zonder PoespASS

Te Koop


a surrealistic landscape inspired by the Zebra.

80 x 60 cm

oilpaint on canvas

price: € 345,-

I painted this Christmas 2016 in Zeeland. the hair of the Zebra on that little hill remind a little of the sand reed on the dunes in Zoutelande, doesn't it.

a year later it was transported back from Zeeland to Voorhout. Shortly it will hang in the building of the JGT in Voorhout.
the leg of the zebra is as a tree standing out of the landscape. the eye of the zebra is as a lake. all of my surrealistic landscapes are made out of an admiration for nature. for earth, for life and creation.

people reshape the face of the earth in so many ways, that it hardly seems alife anymore. with bricks and concrete in unnatural shapes. my paintings are a way to try to express that i still see the life and vividness underneath it all. the earth is alife!

"Tsjoeke Tsjoeke, TuuT TuuT!!"

a surrealistic landscape inspired by childrens fantasy

90 x 70 cm

oilpaint on canvas

price: € 265,50

This oilpainting is currently hanging in the office of JGT (youth and family team) and is especially made thinking of where it will hang.

This office advices parents on how to raise their children.

And is visited by children aswell. I used my sons wooden trainset as an example and also the way he plays with it.

and how children play.

they really imagine people getting on and off the train. In their mind reality and fantasy mixes together.

And it shows the reality of modern railway stations. where people are absorbed in playing with i-phones. and also encourages us, to see life as One big game. 


€ 300,- voor soort gelijke wandschilderingen van ongeveer 2 bij 2 meter.


Esther Koppejan Art

Muntzoom 65, 2215VC Voorhout